Monday, December 24, 2007

5K Mon.itor.Us Agent Downloads

Mon.itor.Us announces 5,000 downloads of its Windows Smart Agent. The agent monitors hardware resource utilization per service and per process on Windows machines and notifies about abnormalities detected. Smart Agent also allows to use any of the customer machines for local monitoring. It is useful particularly for intranet applications and networks monitoring.

The agent based service is one of key differentiators for Mon.itor.Us. In contrast to other web uptime monitoring service, Mon.itor.Us not only provide external both also internal systems monitoring service, delivering one-stop solutions for webmasters and website owners. When it launched in March 2007 skeptics were predicting very limited usage of this feature because of security concerns. The facts although talk differently and 5k downloads proves that users really like this easy to use hosted service.

Mon.itor.Us premium service Monitis provides more advanced agent both for Windows and Linux machines.

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