Monday, July 20, 2009

Monitis launched new free broken-links monitoring service - Links-Checker. Links-Checker provides the following benefits for website owners, webmasters and web administrators: 1. Free, unlimited URL checks, 2. Free and unlimited email and instant messenger broken link notifications. 3. Possibility to get SMS alert notifications right on mobile phones. 4. Instant deployment, no software, so server setup, no maintenance needed. 5. Constant product updates seamless for end users 6. Increased page load speed by removing requests to missed images, css style sheets. Often users add third party libraries which may contain images, icons which maybe missed but browser still request them each time. Removing such request may improve performance. 7. Detects dysfunctional pages by identifying missed JavaScript or flash files or libraries so early detect possible broken functionality 8. Improved user experience by detecting broken page design due to missed images and style sheets. 9. Don't get penalized by search engines with reduced page ranking due to 404 errors. More at

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