Monday, July 13, 2009

On-demand EC2 Monitoring

Monitis on-demand Amazon EC2 monitoring includes the following features: 1) monitor status of launched Amazon virtual server instances and trigger events and notifications 2) monitor total number of running servers in Amazon cloud and inform users when number exceed certain threshold 3) Automatically start monitoring of newly launched servers based on user-rules. Start monitoring web servers, databases, mail servers, TCP ports, telnet and SSH access and more dynamically without need to manually add each monitor and notification rules per server 4) Automatically install Monitis agent on new servers and start monitoring server performance metrics and resource utilization: CPU, memory, storage and processes. Again notification rules can be enabling to inform about low resource situation. It will help to predict and prevent possible outages 5) server failure notice. There is always a possibility to lose server in Amazon cloud, users can be early notified about such case and can take measures. 6) Virtual servers configuration monitoring. More at

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