Wednesday, October 24, 2007

5 Monitors for Ultimate Business Performance (part 1)

1. Availability (a.k.a. Uptime, Response Time, External, User Experience) Monitoring – continuously checks web sites and services availability. By simulating user behavior from geographically dispersed monitors measure page load time which directly related with user experience. Monitors also notify about outages and calculate uptime statistics for SLA (service level agreement) management.

It helps to improve online sells, customer satisfaction, and decrease web revenue loses.

Who should use it: IT, business managers, webmasters, Internet marketing, sells, web developers and PR staff.

Usage examples: control SLA of thirds party providers (e.g. ISP, hosting, blog providers), control own website SLA, IT operations monitoring and troubleshooting, SLA reporting, switching-off PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns at downtime (e.g. Adwords), setting and controlling uptime goals by product business owners, understanding of online sells trends, collaborate performance management applications, understanding of load issues.

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