Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Monitors for Ultimate Business Performance: Part 5 Transactions Monitoring

5. Transactions (a.k.a. Application, Web Workflow, Functional) monitoring – monitors not only single web page but sequence of web screens and user actions. It allows checking functionally of web application logic and measure the performance of web transactions. A test script should be developed in order to perform such checks, either by automated recording of user actions or by writing the code manually. Monitis recently beta launched a transaction monitoring feature which allows to record, edit by hand, and debug test scripts. After recoding the script can be deployed on the server and then will be running on regular intervals. Users can see total execution time of script, but also can drill down to execution time per each step. In case of failure Monitis will send an alert. It also records screens which did not pass via checkpoints, thus allowing understanding the problem of failure later on. Finally it provides breakdown of load time per each component of the tested web pages.

Who should use it: business owners, webmasters, IT operations, QA and web developers.

Usage examples: a tool for regression tests of live production or pre-live development servers, functional monitoring to make sure main application flows are functioning, performance management and tuning.

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