Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How Web Developers Can Keep Customers Happy

Website designers and web application developers provide support for the sites they developed. Most of the companies are small and don't have large marketing budgets, so they relies on word of mouth generated by happy customers. Developers typically either host or have VPN access to customer sites and when customer experience problem with the site they call web developer and get problem fixed. And customer satisfaction very much depends on their website uptime and service level provided by the web developer.

There is way for developers to improve customer satisfaction. Using Monitis internal monitoring, web developers can setup monitoring agent and perform customer server monitoring right from their location. By checking all the nodes between end user and server they got complete and exact picture and early notification about current or upcoming problem.

Combined with external monitoring, internal monitoring may provide more proactive way to handle problems. Even if it is intranet application, developers can use VPN connection for monitoring the application. When customer calls developer he will be please to hear “yes, we know the problem and already working on it.” Or developers may call their client and say "we notice an issue on your server and will fix it now." Moreover, by monitoring nodes, developers may quickly identify problem and fix it, thus increasing their productivity and reducing mean time-to -repair (MTTR).

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